How To Make A Wooden Bow

Figuring out how to make a wooden bow really isn't all that difficult. You could actually construct a make shift wooden bow pretty easily with stuff lying around your house. Now, your newly constructed homemade wooden bow probably wont function as well as some the higher end  wooden bows, but it will work. Think about it, how difficult could it be? Our ancestors were constructing wooden bows long before we had precision technologically advanced weaponry. Making a wooden bow is so easy, a caveman really could do it. OK you weekend hunters, here's how to construct your very own homemade wooden bow.

What you need:

  • a saw
  • a drill
  • shoe strings
  • a nice sized, sturdy tree branch.
  1. First things first. You can't make a wooden bow without the wood. If you can find a nice sized, sturdy tree branch lying on the ground, then lucky you. If not, grab your saw. You may have to cut a solid branch from a tree. Make sure the branch is nice and thick. You should be able to wrap your fingers around it, but you don't want a flimsy branch. Now try to bend the branch into the signature shape of a wooden bow. If you can't get the wood to bend, you're going to have to let it soak in some warm water for a while. Periodically check to see if you can shape the wood. Once you can bend the wood correctly take it out of the water and let it thoroughly dry.
  2. Drilling. Our ancestors didn't have drills. Luckily you do. Take a drill with a small drill bit and drill a hole on both ends of the wood. Make sure the holes are big enough for the shoe strings to be pulled through two or three times.
  3. Completing your wooden bow. Grab two shoe strings. Knot them together to make one long string. Pull the ends through the little drilled holes at the ends of your wooden bow. Now, you want to fortify the string so wrap it up around and through both holes multiple times. Make sure that the string is nice and tight on both sides. You need to make sure the string is strained in the middle as well. You'll know it's tight enough if you struggle slightly to pull the string back. And that's that. Now all you have to do is make a few arrows to test the bow out.
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