How To Make Wooden Canoe Paddles

Learning how to make wooden canoe paddles is not too hard, but before you begin, make sure that you know how to operate tools well. You will likely need to purchase certain supplies before beginning the process as well, but with the right supplies and some time and effort, you can make beautiful paddles at home. The following is information on how to make a canoe paddle. 



  • Long piece of hardwood, one and a quarter inch thick by at least eight inches in width
  • Saw, such as table saw or electric hand saw
  • Electric sander
  • Sandpaper
  • Varnish
  1. Purchase all of the materials that you will need to use. They can be bought from any home improvement store or construction supply company.
  2. Then decide upon the size of your first wooden canoe paddle. It should have a blade at one end, a long, narrow shaft, and then a knobby handle at the other end.
  3. Transfer the paddle dimensions and shape onto the piece of hardwood, drawing with the grain of the wood, which will make it stronger. It should have a long blade that is at least seven or eight inches wide; a thin, one to one and a half inch thick wide shaft; and a knob-like handle at the end opposite the blade.
  4. Cut this shape of the wood using the powered saw. Exercise caution when doing this step, as you want to follow your lines perfectly.
  5. Using the electric sander, sand all sharp edges and corners. Then, taper the blade so that it is thinner at its tip than at the shaft or the handle of the paddle. This will make it more efficient in moving water, and make it more lightweight.
  6. Sand the paddle all over with sandpaper to make it perfectly smooth. The finished shaft should be rounded, and the blade's tip should be curved. A rounded handle will also be much easier on your hands when you put the paddle to use, so spend some time on this step. Once it is completely sanded, and the canoe paddle feels very smooth, apply a waterproof varnish to it. Then you may use it, or make additional paddles using the same process!

Learning how to make wooden canoe paddles is not too hard, but you must know how to effectively use tools. Once one has been constructed, the process may be repeated for additional paddles.

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