How To Make A Wooden Guitar Rack

Learning how to make a wooden guitar rack is not too difficult. You will need to find the right materials and use your basic understanding of shop tools to construct one, but when finished, your wooden guitar rack can be very pretty. The following are instructions on how to make a wooden guitar rack. 



  • Piece of hardwood, three feet by four to six inches
  • Wood strip, one inch by one inch, at least two feet long
  • Screws or nails
  • Screwdriver or hammer
  • Wood glue
  • Sandpaper
  • Varnish
  1. Buy all of the necessary materials. Everything should be available at any home improvement store or construction supply company.
  2. If necessary, cut the piece of hardwood to shape so that it is three feet long by about four to six inches in width. Thickness is not too important (wood around one inch in thickness is fine). The three feet long piece of hardwood, which will be the base of the wall-mounted wooden guitar rack, should be sanded down so that it is smooth.
  3. Three mounts for three guitars will be made. Using sand paper, sand the narrow wooden strip down (approximately one inch by one inch in thickness), so that its corners are smooth.
  4. Cut six four inch long segments from the strip of wood. Pairs of these will be used to support the head of the guitar, which will hang from the wooden wall rack.
  5. Attach one pair of pegs (four inch long segments of the wood strip) at the left side of the hardwood base. These must be glued and either nailed or screwed in either through the hardwood or diagonally through the peg and into the hardwood. Each pair should be spaced apart by just more than the width of the neck of the guitar that will be hung between the pegs.
  6. Attach another pair, spaced to pin the neck of the guitar, in the middle of the hardwood base and attach the final pair on the right side.
  7. Sand any rough areas down, so the rack is smooth.
  8. Cover the rack in varnish applied with a brush. Several layers of varnish are best. You may mount the rack or nail it to the wall. From it, hang guitars.

Learning how to make a wooden guitar rack is not too difficult and it certainly makes for an attractive and convenient way to store guitars. Once built the rack may be attached to virtually any wall, making guitar storage easy.

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