How To Make A Wooden Hunting Knife

Do you do a lot of hunting and need to learn how to make a wooden hunting knife? Hunting is fun for father and sons and for husbands and wives who want to spend quality time together in nature. Hunting is a sport that many men take seriously; it not only puts food on the table, but if you bring home a trophy buck, it's even better. Have you ever dreamed of making your own wooden hunting knife to take with you when you hunt? If you have, it's not as hard to make as you would assume. Once you have learned how to make your wooden hunting knife, you will have one that will last for years. Listed below are tips for how to make a wooden hunting knife.


  1. Purchase a knife making kit. Go to your local hunting store and talk to them about the type of wooden hunting knife you would like to make. They will be able to help you choose the knife making kit that fits your needs.
  2. Once you have the kit, you're ready to begin. Take out all materials in the knife making kit to ensure you have all the supplies. Trace the blade hilt on both sides of the wood. Using a band saw, cut the traces so that it fits the blade. Just be sure to get a clean cut with no rough edges left.
  3. Use a belt sander to round edges on the wood. This helps the knife to fit properly in your hand. Using sand paper, sand the entire wooden handle until it's smooth to the touch. Place the wood hilt pieces into the blade and grade off edges that are rough on the brackets that are stuck out. Now, your wooden knife is ready to use and show off.
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