How To Make A Wooden Surfboard From Scratch

Learning how to make a wooden surfboard from scratch requires a lot of time and skill. You will need some material, and also an adequate knowledge of tool use. Following is advice on how to make a wooden surfboard from scratch.


  • Block of hardwood large enough to cut your sized board, around two inches thick
  • Saw, such as table saw or electric hand saw
  • Electric sander
  • Sandpaper
  • Screws
  • Fins
  • Paint
  • Epoxy or strong varnish
  1. First, buy all of the required materials. They should be available at any building supply company or home improvement store.
  2. Next, decide on the dimensions of a board that is right for you. Then, trace the board onto the block of hardwood.
  3. With the saw, cut the board out of the block. Be careful to follow curves traced onto the block as best you can, to avoid disfigurations on it.
  4. Next, sand the board with an electric sander to make it visibly smooth. Sand all edges to make them slightly rounded, and then hit the whole board with sandpaper to make it very smooth.
  5. Attach fins to the underside of the board. They may be homemade from wood, or bought at a surf shop.
  6. Then, paint the board, if you want to. After it is painted, apply a strong, water proof varnish, or a layer of strong epoxy over the entire board.

Learning how to make a wooden surfboard from scratch at home is not too hard, but you must have the right materials, and spend some time on its building. Once finished, however, the homemade surfboard can provide great fun at the beach.

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