How To Make A Woody Woodpecker Cocktail

Unfortunately, you can't look at any of his cartoons and learn how to make a Woody Woodpecker cocktail. Those of you who need to know how to create the said Woody Woodpecker cocktail have come to the right place. The Woody Woodpecker cocktail is one of the easier alcoholic beverages to throw together. Just like his cartoons, there's not much to a Woody Woodpecker cocktail. But just because there's not much to concocting the drink, it doesn't mean it's lacking in any way in the taste department. So, let's put together a simple yet tasty Woody Woodpecker cocktail.

Ingredients for a Woody Woodpecker cocktail.

  • 15 cl. (5.07 oz) Orange Juice
  • 1 cl. (0.33 oz)  Galliano Liqueur
  • 4 cl. (1.35 oz) Cachaca Liqueur
  • 3 cl. (1.01 oz) Ice 
  1. A simple set up. Once you've collected the proper ingredients, its just a matter of mixing the contents correctly. The first step is to take your Cachaca Liqueur and mix it with your orange juice. Cachaca is a liquor made from fermenting sugarcane and orange juice, and well, comes from oranges. Add the ice and shake the three elements in a cocktail shaker for fifteen to twenty seconds to make sure it's nice and cold. Pour your mixture into a Collins glass.
  2. The Galliano. A Woody Woodpecker cocktail wouldn't be complete without the Galliano Liqueur. Galliano is an herbal liqueur with a sweet vanilla and citrus blend. You can see how the taste of the Galliano will bring out  the other elements in the drink. Add the Galliano and enjoy. 


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