How To Make A World Of Warcraft Private Server

You can save $14.95 per month if you know how to set up your own private World of Warcraft server. You can save that $14.95 and run up your own electric bill by starting your own server. You can also feel morally superior to people who continue to support the greedy Goblin trade princes who work at Blizzard. You are sending your money to the greedy goblin princes who run the power company instead.

Things You Will Need for a Private World of Warcraft Server:

  • A Computer Capable of Acting As a Server
  • The AC Web Repack for Private WoW Servers
  • Hamachi Software
  1. Configure your router to accept incoming traffic on a specific port. Make sure your firewall allows traffic through this port. Windows firewall automatically accepts traffic on this port in most cases.
  2. Register a Domain Name. Tie this domain name to your IP. People will type in the domain name to reach your server. Make your domain registrar redirects the name to your IP.
  3. Download the AC Web Repack for Private World of Warcraft Servers. You can find it at Get the Hamachi basic package to allow other people to play on your private server. Create a new file and unzip the AC Web Repack and Hamachi into that folder.
  4. Copy the map packs labeled enUS or enGB into the AC Web Ultimate Repack\ASC file. Move ad.exe into your World of Warcraft directory. Enter Notepad from your start menu. Run the executable file. Wait for it to finish.
  5. Edit the realmlist.wff file. Replace the IP addresses in the file to for the local users. External users need to set this to your IP address. Terminate any web server processes and run ControlPanel.exe to completed the process.
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