How To Make Wrench Best Weapon In Bioshock

The wrench is the first weapon you receive in BioShock and learning how to make the wrench the best weapon in BioShock isn't that hard with the help of the right tonics and plasmids. It is, in a sense, a classic weapon. If you want to make your classic weapon a one-shot killer, try these upgrades and you will be killing splicers in no time at all. 

Things you'll need:

  • Computer or compatible video game console
  • BioShock
  1. Start with your tonics. The gene tonics are great way to upgrade the weapon. This will, of course, be a series of sequential upgrades you will need to deal with. Begin with the Wrench Jockey tonic. When you get Wrench Jockey two, you can replace the original easily. The original Wrench Jockey will increase the wrench's power by 350 percent and the second one will increase it by 550 percent. These will make each of your blows count. If you want to, you can invest in Wrench Lurker, which will give you a 150 percent bonus against unaware enemies. These upgrades will help.
  2. Invest your Adam in the right plasmids. Electrobolt will stun your enemies and increase your bonus for using the wrench. If you choose to use a freezing plasmid instead (and there are a few in the game), be aware that while at first blush they may seem like a good idea, they actually increase the amount of work you have to do with the wrench. No real damage bonus will apply.
  3. Use your research camera on all enemy types. This will give you various bonuses. Most notably against the Bouncer style Big Daddies where you will get a 50 percent increase in damage.
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