How To Make A WWE Wrestling Ring

Here are instructions for how to make a WWE wrestling ring so you can learn some WWE wrestling moves. Wrestling is a very exciting and electrifying sport. Wrestling on a mattress is not the same as wrestling in a WWE wrestling ring, so up the ante of your matches by building your own WWE wrestling ring. You don’t have to be a professional builder to build a ring. However, you do need to be capable of using tools and hammering a few boards together. Get ready to knock a few heads together in your new wrestling ring, just like the professionals.

 What you will need:

  • 4 4×8 sheets plywood/wood paneling  
  • 4 9ft metal poles

  • Pole hole digger
  • 2 bags Quick dry cement

  • 200ft of rope
  • 8 Turnbuckles

  • 12 Turnbuckle covers
  • Metal bolts/screw

  • 6 20×20 poles for frame

  •  Drill

  1. Measure the area where your WWE wrestling ring will be built. The measurements here are the pretty standard size for a WWE wrestling ring, but you can cut the size down to your measurements to fit your space.

  2. Use metal to make the frame since it is sturdier than wood. You can purchase pre-cut metal or wood to the size you need for your frame. Lay your metal poles out to form a square 20×20 square foot or your preferred size square, put two metal poles in the center for added support. Connect a turnbuckle to each corner also use strong metal bolts to keep your frame together. If you don’t plan to move your wrestling ring, consider welding your frame together.

  3. Dig four holes in the ground. Position poles in the inner side of frame for your wrestling ring metal poles. Dig the holes three feet deep so the poles will be at the proper ten foot height. Position each pole in a hole and secure with quick dry cement. Allow time for poles to dry in cement before going any farther.

  4. Position the plywood over the metal frame. Secure the pieces of plywood on frame with metal bolts to each corner and in the center. You can use a glue gun to secure the plywood together or just use duct tape.

  5. Lay foam padding onto plywood. Use foam padding about two inches thick. You can just roll the foam pad out before installing wrestling mat or you can secure it to plywood with glue.

  6. Put the wrestling mat on a foam pad for wrestling ring. You can use canvas or tarp for ring cover. Canvas will have holes to secure it to the frame, make sure you use sturdy rope. Put the apron around the ring to cover the frame and what's underneath ring.

  7. Install the wrestling ring rope. You will need about 200ft of rope. Begin wrapping the rope around poles and firmly securing them with the turnbuckles. You will use three turnbuckles for each pole and row of rope. Tie on the turnbuckle covers to the metal turnbuckles, this protects you from injure. 

 Inspect your WWE wrestling ring before wrestling on it. Remember what you see on TV is done by professionals and is not advised to be done by amateur wrestler.   

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