How To Make Xbox 360 Games

Believe it or not, young game developers can learn how to make  Xbox 360 games themselves with the right software and materials in just a few simple steps. You will need a few pieces of hardware and some basic computer know-how, but Microsoft has provided a number of different programs with all of the basic tools to at least learn to make these incredibly complex games yourself. Just follow these steps and you will have the ability to make an Xbox 360 game pretty easily.

To make your own Xbox 360 Game, you will need:

  • XNA Game Studio Express
  • "C# Express" developer kit
  • Computer
  • CD
  1. Get the proper software and install them on your computer. The first thing you should get is "C# Express", a developer kit that you will have to have to design Xbox 360 games. Then download and install XNA Studio Express on your computer.
  2. Do every tutorial, at least once. Seriously, this stuff is confusing and it will become a tool that you need to know like a Marine knows his M-16. So read every instruction manual or page and watch every video of exactly how to use the program correctly. The better you know it, the better prepared you will be to design and program your own Xbox 360 game.
  3. Check out sample programs. There are other people who make their own Xbox 360 games that are simple but very cool. They have them online for you to check out and even play. Learn from what they did and start trying to play.
  4. Make Pong and Space War. XNA Studio Express has tutorials on how to make both of these programs. From there you will have the basis to make and design your own Xbox 360 game.
  5. Burn your game to a CD to play it anywhere. As soon as you have finished designing it, you can burn it easily to a CD and play it on any Xbox 360 system.
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