How To Make A Yoda Costume

Do you want to know to make a Yoda costume? Star Wars is one of the most successful story lines of all time, so it’s not surprising that Yoda, one of the most lovable and inspiring characters from Star Wars, is often a popular costume on Halloween and at dress-up parties. In order to make a great Yoda Costume without breaking your wallet, you should consider the following guidelines:

1. Focus on the Face. The key aspect of any convincing Yoda costume will be the face. Many Star Wars fans rejoice at the sight of the sagely, shriveled face of Yoda, so the integrity of your costume will be compromised if you don’t get the face right. The first and most convenient way to do this is to get a mask. Many costuming and party stores possess endless supplies of character masks that are produced with great detail.

Unfortunately, some of these masks can be a bit pricey, so if you’re on a budget, you’ll have to consider a more do-it-yourself solution: eyeliner and some good ol’ face paint. Green face paint can be purchased at most costume stores (such as Party Galaxy) and eyeliner can be found at any department store (such as Wal-Mart, Target, or CVS.)

This combination should be enough to provide the desired Yoda look, but if you want to really do it up right, you’ll need to create a pair of Yoda ears, which stick out horizontally. Start by getting some heavy green paper stock or construction paper at your local arts and crafts store. You should trace out one large ear with a pencil, cut it out, and then use that ear as a template for the second so that both ears are the same size.

Finally, you’ll need to figure out how to attach the ears to your head. You can achieve this by attaching the ears to a green headband. Fabri-Tac or Aleene’s Fabric Glue are both good choices for this task.

2. Get the right threads. Any costume can be fleshed out easily with a black polyester robe. While these can be purchased on their own at any of the previously mentioned locations (department stores as well as costume shops such as Party Galaxy), such robes also come with many costumes which you may have already purchased, such as the classic Scream costume. Jedi robes are fairly simple; a black or brown bathrobe with some minor alterations may do the trick. Throw on a hooded sweatshirt of the same color over the robe to complete your cloak.

3. Find the right accessories. For Yoda, these include a lightsaber and a cane. The lightsaber really depends on your budget, as there are multiple lightsaber options available, from a green painted broom handle to a flashing plastic toy lightsaber complete with sound effects. Many outlet stores will have lightsabers available in their toy departments. If you’re really willing to go above and beyond, Sharper Image offers some very realistic lightsaber replicas which will surely benefit your Yoda costume. Remember, Yoda’s lightsaber is as green as his face!

The lightsaber can add some nice flare to your costume, but no Yoda costume is complete without a cane. If you have an old man’s walking stick or cane, then you are set. Really though, almost any cane will do. If you can’t find one, then alternatively you can make one yourself by taping or gluing together empty paper towel rolls.

Follow these simple guidelines, and with a little creativity, your Yoda costume will be the best one at the party (unless that party happens to be a Star Wars convention).

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