How To Make Yoda Mii

Knowing how to make a Yoda Mii on your Nintendo Wii is a great way to add the Force to your gaming. It is also fun to send to your friends. If you have been trying to create a Yoda Mii for a while but just can't get it right, these steps will get you there.

Things you'll need:

  • Nintendo Wii console
  • Wii remote
  1. Create a new Mii. This is the same procedure you use to create any other Mii.
  2. Choose the Mii's gender. In this case, you want to select a boy to create the Yoda Mii. 
  3. Select the head. Select the head in the first column of the third row. This is the head with a dome top and a pointed diamond-shaped bottom.
  4. Select the facial features. Select the facial features located in the second column of the second row. This is the face with the two cheek sags.
  5. Select the skin color. Choose the skin color located in the third column of the first row. This is a pale beige.
  6. Select the hair. Yes, Yoda is bald, but you want to select the hair on second column of the third row on the third page of hairstyles. This gives your Mii the plucked chicken baldness with hair around the sides.
  7. Choose the hair color. This should be located on the fourth column of the second row. Yes, it is a blond shade.
  8. Choose the eyebrows. The eyebrows you want are in the third column of the first row. These eyebrows are wide with steep increase and a small dropping tail. Then make the size of the eyebrows four times bigger, ten times wider and position the eyebrows downward three times. 
  9. Choose the eyes. The eyes you want will be from the second column of the second row. These are the wide and slanted eyes with a full rim around them. Choose green as your color. Rotate counter clockwise once, make them one size bigger and drop them down three times.
  10. Choose the nose. The nose is located in the second column of the fourth row. This nose is the one with a larger curve downward, flanked by two smaller curves. Make it two sizes smaller and bring it up two times.
  11. Choose the mouth. Use the second column of the first row on the second page of mouths for your Yoda Wii. This is the one that looks like a pointed downward "V." Make the mouth one size bigger and one it down over the face once.
  12. Choose the glasses. The glasses are on the second column of the first row. You're looking for large and round glasses. Color them with the second column from the second row. Then move them up by one.
  13. Add a mole. Make the mole three sizes smaller and move it to the right six times.
  14. Choose a mustache. The mustache is in the second column of the first row. Make the handle bar mustache one size smaller and move it down twice. Make it the color located in the second column of the third row. 
  15. Scale the height to zero percent and the weight to 100 percent. This can be adjusted a little if you want a skinnier Yoda.
  16. Now you can name and save your Mii. You should make his favorite color brown so his shirt matches a Jedi's robes.
  17. Adjust the color balance of your TV to see Yoda's skin turn green. Enjoy your master Yoda Mii on the Wii.
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