How To Make A Yoga Mat

Yoga is a popular method of exercise and relaxation all over the world, and how to make a yoga mat from home seems to follow the sudden need for the frugal living craze caused by the world recession. While yoga continuously grows in popularity all over the world, people are needing to find a way to gather the items used in the practice. Yoga mats are simple and fun to make and use only a small amount of items. Most, if not all of these can be found in the local department or hobby stores. The act of making of a mat is simple and can add a deeper meaning to your practice.

 To make a yoga mat you will need:

  • a fabric of your choosing, preferably one that your hands will not slid on
  • a non slip rubber runner

  • pins to hold it together

  • scissors

  • needle and thread

  1. Choose your fabric to cover the mat. As you are gathering together the supplies needed to make the yoga mat, you will need to choose a fabric to cover the mat with. It should be a nice good grade fabric of a color or design that suits you. Slide your hand over it to be sure it is not too slippery, otherwise it would make practice rather difficult. A traditional sized yoga mat is 24 inches by 68 inches, but some longer ones come about 72 or 74 inches long. You need enough fabric to cover so a few inches over the sides is needed to be sure of enough room to sew it together.
  2. Gather the rest of the supplies you need. You will need to choose a non slip runner to line the bottom of the mat. It can be either a rubber runner that can be used for a car or you can find a similar product at a craft store, as long as it is not too heavy, rigid, or thick and prevents the slippage of the mat it will be fine. A needle and thread of a color similar to the fabric is also needed to sew it all together.
  3. Cover the runner. You will need to use the pins to secure the edges to prevent slippage while sewing. Make sure a few inches comes over the edges so that you can provide some space on the other side to connect the pieces. While it is easy to make yoga mats, it is essential to make sure that the fabric is straight and tightly sewn onto the runner.
  4. Begin to sew the fabric down. Take the thread and begin to sew one of the sides down, making sure the stitches are tight and sturdy. If you can, sew about three rows to ensure strength. Move around each edge doing the same, making sure the fabric is pulled nice and taut. As you finish, the fabric should be smooth over the top of the runner with no air pockets or loose areas. Tie the end of the thread tight to seal off the stitching and trim the excess, make sure to leave a small tail to allow stretching.
  5. Use the mat with the nonslip runner face down. You can take this mat and use it anywhere. If you wish, you can use some yoga spray to remove any bacteria from the surface.
  6. To store the mat, roll it up and place into a mat bag. The bag will keep it cleaner and in better condition than if you leave it out or just roll it into a corner.

A yoga mat cleaner can be homemade, which is oftentimes easier than hunting for some and a lot cheaper. Also, to help keep your mat clean, you can use a blanket underneath and a yoga towel to help keep the sweat and other things off of the mat.

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