How To Make Your Ex Girlfriend Jealous

Want to know how to make your ex girlfriend jealous? Using deceit and trickery is definitely a quick way to make your ex girlfriend jealous of seeing you with someone else. Remember you may have to be a bit dishonest and sneaky to make her jealous. Jealousy may cause her to do something you both will regret, but you will get the results you want an ex girlfriend green with envy and you with a rewarding grin on your face.

  1. Date other girls. Even if you haven’t moved on, give her the impression you have. That might seem too obvious to your ex girlfriend that you are trying to make her jealous. Instead, if she tries to reach you and ask where you were just say, you were out with a new friend. If she tries to dig farther reply with, a female friend and you want to leave it at that. This will eat your ex up that you are not still pining over her and you want give her any more information about this female friend; less is more.

  2. Date someone she doesn’t like. You will definitely have your ex girlfriend seeing red if you start dating someone she can't stand. If there is a girl she has a little rivalry with she would be the perfect person for you to shamelessly date. Try to be seen with your new fling in front of your ex. That would really make her jealous.

  3. Keep contact with her short. Don't call, text or email her. Let her contact you if she wants and when she does keep your conversations with her short. Let her believe you have been enjoying herself since the break up.

  4. Look more appealing. If you are willing to change up your wardrobe, wear something different. If you don’t wear cologne have someone perhaps at the cologne counter at a department store pick out some cologne that's very alluring. So if you see her out she will be jealous seeing you talking with other girls, while looking and smelling so enticing; knowing you are no longer hers maybe more then she can stand. Even if you continue to beings friends with your ex girlfriend let her see your new look.

Whatever you decide to do to try and make your ex girlfriend jealous just don’t go overboard. You don't want her to catch on to your plan and think you want her back by trying to make her jealous. You are just having a bit of fun with her.

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