How To Make Your Eyes Look Bigger

Sure, you can learn how to make your eyes look bigger by spending a ton of money, but there really is a simpler way. All you need to learn are a few simple tricks to have you busting out with big, beautiful eyes. 

  1. Beard. Facial hair is a key component in bringing your eyes to the forefront. A trimmed beard or goatee does the trick of bringing your eyes to the forefront and making them look bigger by accenting them. Alternatively, shave facial hair to accent your cheekbones, which will make your eyes look bigger. 
  2. Bangs. Bangs highlight your eyes and make them look bigger. Keep bangs trimmed above your eyebrows. Bangs that hang in your eyes take away from the effect of making your eyes look bigger.
  3. Colors. Make your eyes look bigger by wearing colors that accent your eyes and bring them to the forefront. Blue and green clothing accents blue and green eyes, while browns and blacks accent hazel, brown and black eyes. 
  4. Clear Skin. Blemishes detract from your eyes, so take good care of your skin if you want to have the effect of bigger eyes. A balanced diet will curb breakouts.  Make sure you avoid greasy foods and too much alcohol, which have a way of creating skin problems. 
  5. Weight. Losing a few pounds will bring your eyes to the forefront because your face will appear less pudgy and your cheekbones will emerge. 
  6. Physical Fitness. Your body functions optimally if you’re physically fit, and obviously, so will your eyes. Not only will your skin problems clear up, but you’ll also lose weight and gain muscle tone.  Your eyes will really begin to shine once you are really healthy and they will look clearer, brighter and bigger.
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