How To Make Your Girlfriend Jealous

Your girlfriend may seem so cool and calm that no other woman threatens her, and you wonder to yourself how to make your girlfriend jealous. If it takes a lot to boil her up, grab you by the arm and exclaim she yours, find out what to do to make her a green-eyed monster.

  1. Know what makes her tick. To make your girlfriend jealous, figure out what makes her competitive and feel a sting of jealously. Bring it up as a casual subject or ask the question, "What will you do if a very gorgeous co-worker of mines kissed me on the cheek and you were present?" Listen to her answer so you can ignite a similar action to spark jealously.
  2. Hang out with attractive women. Casually mention you met a cool woman at the coffee shop and she is just a great buddy to hang out with at times. Introduce the two women so your girlfriend can see your gal pal and to confirm the woman is good-looking and have things in common with you. Your girlfriend might get a little jealous there is a "new woman" in his life that you befriended and sees her as a threat.
  3. Talk about hot women. Your girlfriend probably does not care if you find another woman sexy, perhaps she does not blink an eye if you tell her a cashier or actress on TV is pretty. However, it is one thing to mention another woman's looks but going on about hot women everywhere and their hotness drives you crazy. Your girlfriend cool demeanor may turn heated as she realizes jealously reeking through her veins and she might need to one up beautiful women everywhere.
  4. Compliment your girlfriend's "enemy." Fuel the jealously inside your girlfriend remarking about a pretty woman she does not like. Maybe it is a woman she cannot stand at work, her neighbor, a hot ex of yours or an actor she dislikes. The worst thing a man can do is comment on a woman's foe when he knows his girlfriend hates her because it will piss off a girlfriend.

Warning: It is cute at first to know your girlfriend became jealous. Be cautious of using these tactics like these as it makes you insecure and it can ruin an otherwise good relationship.

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