How To Make Your Girlfriend Kiss You

If you have been dating your girlfriend for awhile without getting any kisses from her, then you should know how to make your girlfriend kiss you. No matter how shy or introvert your girlfriend is, it is always possible to get the kisses going. The following simple steps will surely make your girlfriend kiss you without hassle.

  1. Create an opportunity. The first way to make your girlfriend kiss you is to figure a romantic situation to make it happen. Consider inviting your girlfriend over for candlelight dinner with alcohol if she is having a bad week and need to confide you. Find out what she likes to drink and go from there. Get her mix drinks if that is what she wants. After dinner is over, just relax and chat with her on the couch. Let her do the talking, and ensure that you will always be there for her. In the meanwhile, just keep offering her drinks until she gets tipsy. When she gets emotional with the alcohol in her body, don’t hesitate to lend her your shoulder. This is the moment where you can touch her hair and kiss her softly on her forehead. Gradually and naturally, she will look at you and kiss you on your lips. She is showing you the appreciation for your comfort and support.  
  2. Impress her with a situation. The second way to make your girlfriend kiss you is to do something that can impress her. For example, both of you are dining at a restaurant. When making orders, the waiter is very rude to your girlfriend. At this point, you ask for the manager immediately in order to make a complaint. Your girlfriend is supposed to treat you, but due to the complaint, now both of you get a free meal. Plus, you make the initiation to defend her. At the end of the date, you can expect a thank you kiss from her for two things: saving her money and defending her. All girlfriends love their boyfriends to stand up for them.
  3. Give her a surprise. The last way to make your girlfriend kiss you is to surprise her with a gift. Find out what she likes first. Secondly, make very sure that you have never agreed to get it for her. If you did, then it isn’t a surprise. The bottom line is that you want her to get super excited with the gift plus how much she appreciates your gratitude. Let’s say you know that she loves to travel. Take her out on a weekend getaway. Give her the gift in person, preferably at her home during an evening. The last thing is to dress up nicely and put some cologne for her. Once you give her the gift, and then take off immediately. While you are leaving, she will ask where you are going. This scenario will happen as follows: You go back to her, and she will say thank you following with a big hug and kiss.
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