How To Make Your Girlfriend More Comfortable With Public Affection

Learning to make your girlfriend more comfortable with public affection is possible even with a shy partner. Learning how to make your girlfriend more comfortable depends on how comfortable you are with yourself and with her. Public displays of affection should be preceded by private as well as public displays of respect first. Kissing and hugging in public may take getting used to for a new romance, even if both partners previously sharing affection openly. Wanting to give and receive affection publicly is a wonderful affirmation of a contented and satisfied relationship.

  1. Patience is required. In helping to make your girlfriend more comfortable with public affection, go at her pace. Trying to force anything is unhealthy, but forcing public affection is especially disliked. Your girlfriend will only resist or pretend to appease you. Pretending and forcing  are controlling mechanisms and unwanted aspects of a healthy relationship, creating uncomfortable feelings.  Being made uncomfortable is not only counter to your intentions, it is something she will heartily dislike. Eventually that something will translate or escalate to not liking someone, meaning you. So start where she is, and do not plant a big sloppy kiss on her at the family barbecue. Frequent glances at her with warm smiles are a great start and helps to bond the relationship. The idea is to strengthen your bond with her as a couple first and that naturally will enable public affection.
  2. Small gestures mean a lot. Making your girlfriend more comfortable with public displays of affection can begin small. Take her hand in the dark at the movies. Hand-holding at the movies is public, but also secret, sweet and thrilling. Holding hands while walking or a light peck on the cheek are modest ways to initiate public affection. Give a one-armed squeeze when she says some thing adorable. These small gestures demonstrate your caring, thus creating mutual warm feelings, and it opens the door to her trusting your idea of public affection. She begins to see what public affection looks like and feels like for the two of you. Show her that it feels great.
  3. Respect her boundaries. A desire for public affection from your girlfriend, does not mean it is okay to share openly anywhere. If your girlfriend does not welcome public displays of affection in front of family, no matter how much she trusts you, then respect that. Women love to feel wanted and soon it may be her that initiates public affection.                 
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