How To Make Your Girlfriend Want You More

It's normal to want to know how to make your girlfriend want you more. She doesn't have to be a prude or a cold fish for you to be hungry and excited about getting down and dirty. But how do you increase your girlfriend's level of desire?

  1. Talk about it. Tell your girl that you want more of the good stuff so she knows where you're coming from. Increasing sexual intensity without first clueing your girl in may backfire. Take it slow, have a talk and you might make your girlfriend want you more. It could be that she's afraid to put more into the relationship, or she may be shy. Until you talk about increasing her desire for you, it's hard to know what the underlying approach should be.
  2. Zero in. If you increase her pleasure, your girlfriend will want you more. No woman in her right mind is cool with a dude who's done in less than sixty seconds. Wham, bam, thank you ma'am is not okay-unless you both agree to a quickie. What makes your girlfriend quiver? What is her special delight? Zero in on the things she digs, and you're sure to get plenty of sex. The world has a shortage of adequate lovers, so if you can shine in the bedroom, you're sure to make your girlfriend want more.
  3. Be elusive. Women dig men who are mysterious. You can be upfront and honest with your girlfriend while being elusive. If you're not available every time she calls and are somewhat aloof about what you do, this can make your girlfriend want you more. The trick is to keep her guessing just a little bit. Too much of playing hard to get is a turnoff, especially if she really likes you.
  4. Increase her comfort. Making your girlfriend feel comfortable is key in relating to her. Women want to feel a soul connection when they dig a guy. Look into her eyes as you talk and learn how to carry on deep conversations. Listen to what she says if you want to make your girlfriend want you more. If you're not a conversationalist by nature, take small steps in the beginning. Simply listening to what she has to say can increase her desire. Good listeners typically get the hotties, so be sure to clean out your ears!
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