How To Make Your Hair Grow Faster And Longer

This article will outline some methods to make your hair grow faster and longer. Some women can't resist the sexiness of a guy with longer hair. Not only can a woman not resist it, some guys just feel a little sexier with longer hair. Think Lorenzo Lamas and Joe Lando to name a couple. Grow a little sexiness for your hair and before you know  you'll have the woman in your life dying to rub her fingers through your hair.

To make your hair grow faster, you will need:

  • Vitamins
  • Protein in the diet
  • Oiling
  • Scalp massage
  1. Vitamins for hair growth. To some extent, vitamins like vitamin B12 help promote hair growth. Protein is also very good for hair, helps it to grow and keeps it shiny and manageable. Another plus is that if your hair is thinning at all, the vitamins may help slow the thinning.
  2. Eating healthy. Eat lots of chicken and fish as a regular part of your diet. They both have protein that absorbs into your hair and keeps it in tip top shape. Protein is also very good for your body and nails, but isn't it awesome that it help with hair growth? That's part of where you'll get some shine.
  3. keeping the moisture in.  Another good thing to do for your hair is oiling. Olive oil is one excellent natural oil to put in your hair. Almond and coconut oil are also great for your hair. In fact you can skip the conditioner and just use coconut oil for conditioning benefits. Olive oil gives your Vitamin E.
  4. Another kind of massage. Not a lot of people know that giving yourself a scalp massage is supposed to promote hair growth. It's also very comfortable on your scalp. A lot of people have noted that they get hair growth from massaging their scalp with a little olive oil. You never know.

If you are really into trying to grow your hair longer, consider keeping a journal and progress photos. Track your daily progress from the day your start oiling your hair. It's really cool to notice differences not only in your hair's health but also the growth changes—it is extremely rewarding. You'll notice your hair getting very lustrous and soft.

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