How To Make Your Ice Hockey Goalie Glove Perform Better

To be effective in stopping the puck a goalie needs to know how to make your ice hockey goalie glove perform better. During the game your ice hockey goalie can see a lot of action, and this gets intense when the score of the game relies on your ability to stop the puck from reaching the net. The goalie glove, also known as a catcher or trapper, is a critical piece of equipment. In order to make your ice hockey goalie glove perform better, it must be broken-in properly and effectively. This process helps to make the glove more flexible and last longer. The goalie must be able to catch or block the puck effectively or the momentum of the game can take an unfavorable turn for the other team. Here is a process that will help with making the goalie glove perform better.

  1. Check the fit and function before buying a goalie glove. An ice hockey goalie glove should fit snug, but comfortably. Check for pressure points when the glove is open and closed. It is also important to be able to catch a puck with the glove. Make sure that the goalie glove can be closed before buying. It should be stiff at first but closable. This will also determine quality; if the goalie glove cannot be closed it may be made of inferior materials.
  2. Play with the goalie glove as soon as possible. Start opening and closing repeatedly while walking, watching TV, or any other activity possible. This is also great exercise for forearm strength. A hockey goalies glove is only as good as the hockey player, and forearm strength is important.
  3. Continue to break in the glove while sleeping. This doesn’t mean opening and closing the glove during your sleep, but to wrap a softball in the pocket and wrap the glove around it. Hold it in place by wrapping the glove with tape or bands like bunjee cords. This will help increase the flexibility of the goalie glove and increase the circumference. A small amount of leather conditioning oil can be used on the outside palm to help.
  4. Play with the glove some more. Continue opening and closing the goalie glove and even playing catch with the glove to break it in. The more the glove is used the faster and better it will break in. One popular trick among hockey goalies is to wrap three or four pucks with tape and throw this repeatedly into the glove like a softball. This also works for wrapping inside the goalie glove at night.
  5. Take care of the goalie glove to prevent damage and increase the usable life. After use, make sure to hang up your goalie glove to dry it out. Ice hockey goalie gloves can be a breeding ground for germs and bacteria. A touch of disinfectant spray will also help to kill these germs and increase the life and usage of the glove.  

Tip: Avoid techniques like soaking, heating, and parking the car on them because this can cause damage and void any warranty.

Properly breaking-in is the best method to make your ice hockey goalie glove perform better. The goalie glove or catcher should break in just like a baseball glove. This will assure best performance, flexibility, and not hamper the hockey goalies natural reflexes. Once broken in, the goalie glove will become like an extension of the hockey goalies hand and should work just the same.

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