How To Make Your Nipples Hard

Learn how to make your nipples hard and enjoy how it feels. Have fun and involve your spouse or partner in making your nipples hard. Usually nipples become hard when you are aroused, or there has been a cold breeze. Sometimes, a rough shirt can also make your nipples hard. Either way, it feels good and will let your partner know that you are up for some nookie!

  1. Moisten one or two fingers with your saliva. Any fingers will do. Begin by rubbing the pad of the fingers over the tops of your nipples. This will make your nipples hard instantly!
  2. Have your girlfriend lick or suck on your nipples. She should know exactly how to make your nipples hard. This is the ideal way to do it as it could be foreplay and lead to sex!
  3. Stand in front of a fan or breeze of some kind. Cold air in general will make your nipples hard. Even just blowing air, whether it's warm or cold, will make them hard as well.
  4. Rub one finger across each nipple. It's less pleasing than doing so with wet fingers. But, it will get the job done!
  5. Pinch your nipples. Don't pinch them hard. Just a light pinch with your thumb and forefinger will get your nipples hard.
  6. Get your body wet. Take a shower or bath and your nipples will get hard right away, especially in cold water.
  7. Blow on them. A variation is to have your partner blow on them for you! Just as air does, blowing on your nipples is how to make your nipples hard.



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