How To Make Your Own Backpacking Tent

 Want to learn about how to make your own backpacking tent? A simple shelter for use as a backpacking tent can be made for as little as $20. This is a fun and easy project to complete. Take your $20 and go to the nearest hardware store and secure the following items for use in making your own backpacking tent.

  • 10×12 tarp ( larger if you feel you need a bigger shelter. Remember, bigger means more weight)
  • 50' of Cotton Rope
  • 6 tent stakes.

Let's get started in making your own backpacking tent.

  1. You will need a structure for your backpacking tent. Tie the rope off between two trees so that it is about waste high or a little better than waste high. Tie it securely so that it doesn't slip down the tree. It is best to select an area of high ground for this type of structure, to prevent any rain water from washing in on you.
  2. Your backpacking tent is essentially the tarp. Stretch it over the rope so that you have an equal amount of tarp on either side. Hold the tarp out at an angle on one side. Use the tent stakes to pin it to the ground. Then go to the other side, and pin it down in the same fashion so that you have an "A" frame looking tent structure. This is your backpacking tent.

For a backpacking tent, this is about as simple as it gets. And it has the added benefit of being useful in your pack for a multitude of other things while backpacking. The rope could be used to hang wet clothes, or to drag something back home. If you buy the metal tent stakes, they can do double duty as trout line holders if you are fishing. And the tarp has many obvious uses itself. So this isn't just a backpacking tent, though it certainly serves that purpose. It is a backpacking kit.

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