How To Make Your Own Boombox

Knowing how to make your own boombox could be a useful skill if you have nothing else better to do in life. Boomboxe's were hot back in the 1980's. Well, as all things go, they were bound to make a comeback. For those of you that don't want to shell out the extra green to buy your own boombox, we offer an alternative. No, no don't buy your own boombox. Why not make your own boombox instead? Then you could walk around with it attached to your shoulders while every one that catches a glimpse of you laugh's their respective heads off. Get busy time.  Let's keep this from getting complicated shall we? All we're going to do is connect each individual piece together to form a whole. Then you can hit the streets with your homemade boombox. You must enjoy being laughed at. Well, here's how we would do it. Here's how to throw together your own boombox.

What you need:

  • an old handheld cassette player
  • an old handheld CD player
  • battery operated mini speakers
  • Velcro sided tape
  1. Bust a move. First things first. We need to place the pieces in such a way so as to keep all parts accessible and functional. Old handheld CD players have a little bit of surface area to play with so we'll use that as our base. So, take your Velcro sided tape and line the top of you CD player with a piece long enough to support the cassette player. Use the complimentary side to line the back of the cassette player away from the compartment for the batteries. Connect the CD player to the cassette player. Make sure you can disconnect the CD player from the cassette player without to much difficulty. Ok? Good. You'll need to be able to change the batteries out of both units so it's very important that you can reach their respective battery compartments. Go back and line both units with more Velcro tape. Just make sure you can always be able to get to the batteries.
  2. The Speakers. The mini speakers are going to have to be attached to the bottom of the CD player without blocking the CD player's battery compartment. Use a similar technique to connect the speakers. Actually, try this. connect the backs of the speakers to each other with the Velcro tape or some other adhesive and attach the speakers from their sides to the bottom of the CD player. Make sure the audio cord remains exposed. You'll need to be able to plug it into either the headphone jack for the CD player (for listening to CDs) or the cassette player (for listening to tapes). Your junkyard boombox is complete. Have fun living in the 1980's instead of just purchasing an MP3 player.
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