How To Make Your Own Boston Celtics Basketball Jersey

Learning how to make your own Boston Celtics basketball jersey is a simple task. The Boston Celtics is one of the most successful basketball franchises in the history of the NBA. As of 2008 they have won seventeen NBA championships, which is more than any other team. The Boston Celtics have the record for the most ball players to have their numbers retired and have had, arguably, the greatest coach in history in Red Auerbach. There's no question why someone would want to own a Boston Celtics basketball jersey. For those of you that don't want to pay the money, there is a cheap way to construct your own jersey.

What you need:

  • Two green performance tank tops
  • White performance tank top
  • Green iron on letters and numbers
  • White iron on letters and numbers
  • Black iron on letters and numbers
  • Scissors
  • Iron
  1. The iron on items. The first step for making your Boston Celtics jersey is to pick out the letters and numbers you need. Of course, you need to spell out Celtics on the front of all three jerseys you're going to make. You'll also need to spell out your last name or the last name of the player of your choice on the back of the jerseys as well. Depending on the letters you need, you'll probably need more than one pack of each iron on letter set. Make sure you buy the letters that need to be cut out and ironed on because we're going to use the leftover trim as well.
  2. First Boston Celtics jersey. Take the white performance tank top. Cut out the appropriate letters and numbers you need. Spell out "Celtics" on the front of the jersey with your green lettering. Iron them on per the instructions. Some need to be ironed through the shirt, others can be ironed right on top of the lettering. Next, iron on the the numbers to the front of the jersey. Flip the jersey over and add the name of your choice and another number.
  3. Second Boston Celtics jersey. Take one of your green performance tank tops. Use the white lettering and numbers. Do exactly the same thing you did with your first Boston Celtics jersey.
  4. Third Boston Celtics jersey. For this one, we're going to use the black lettering. Instead of spelling out "Celtics," spell out "Boston." We're going to make the cooler alternate jersey. Use the black lettering and numbers and do exactly what you did with the other jerseys.
  5. The trim. We're going to add a little realism to the jersey. We're going to use the trim to line the arm and neck openings of the jersey. We're also going to use the trim to line the numbers and letters of the jerseys. Get to cutting. For the white Boston Celtics jersey, use green trim around the openings. Cut a strip of trim to line the sides of the torso as well. Iron them on. For the green jersey with the white letters, use the white trim for the openings and the sides of the torso. Iron these on. Finally, for the green jersey with black lettering, we'll need black and white trim. Use the black trim to outline the head and arm openings as well as the sides of the torso. Use the white trim to outline the black lettering and numbers. Iron them on. Your jerseys are all done. Enjoy!
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