How To Make Your Own Christmas Sweatshirt

You don't need to be a seamstress to make your own Christmas sweatshirt.  A plain store-bought sweatshirt, with a few embellishments and craft supplies, will give you all you need to make a one-of-a-kind wearable for yourself or a friend.

  1. Start With a Plain Sweatshirt.  First, to make your own Christmas sweatshirt, you'll need a plain one (without graphics or writing) in any color you desire.  Green, red, or white would be obvious choices, since those are the popular colors for Christmastime.  If you want, you can choose non-traditional colors like black, grey, or even blue.  The design you'll place on the sweatshirt is what will really make it festive.  The color is merely a backdrop.
  2. Make a Christmas Sweatshirt With Fabric Paint.  One way to make a Christmas sweatshirt is by using paint especially treated for use on fabric.  This type of paint is washable, although not recommended for the dryer.  Purchase a bottle of fabric paint with a squeezable tip  (These can be found at craft stores).  Hold the bottle about a quarter of an inch from the fabric, and squeeze.  A thin line of paint will come out. Continue squeezing while you draw a Christmas-related item, such as a tree, snowflake, bell, or even present with a bow.  You don't need to be a great artist because the lines won't be filled in. Choose colors that best accompany the item you've drawn.  When you've finished, wait for the paint to set, and wear!
  3. Christmas Appliqué.  Another option when it comes to making a Christmas sweatshirt is to sew on a store-bought appliqué.  This method requires very little sewing knowledge and can be done by just about anyone.  Purchase a Christmas tree or snowflake appliqué, for example, and hand stitch the item onto the sweatshirt.  Simple!
  4. Make Your Own Christmas Design.  For those that want a more personal look, why not try making a unique Christmas sweatshirt with your computer?  Purchase Avery Ink Jet T-Shirt Transfer Papers (Code Number 3271) from the local office supply store.  Download or create a Christmas design and print out the transfer paper.  Then, just iron it on your sweatshirt!  Think of the possibilities: a picture of your family at Christmas, one of you opening presents as a kid, or even a copy of an old greeting card.  Use your imagination to make your own Christmas sweatshirt.

That's it! Adding a festive touch to your attire is easy, so follow these tips and get into the holiday spirit!

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