How To Make Your Own Cologne

Need to know how to make your own cologne? The benefits of making your own cologne are limitless. Making your own cologne can have advantages as simple as being able to specially design your own fragrances or saving money by buying knock-off fragrance oils from your favorite designers.

To make your own cologne, you will need:

  • Distilled water
  • Fragrance oil or essential oil
  • 100-proof vodka
  • A bottle with lid
  1. Measuring the alcohol, water and oil percentages. For making your own cologne, you will be using a ration of 3 to 5% fragrance oil or essential oil to 70% alcohol, with the last remaining percentage being water. This percentage can be tweaked a little to your specifications if you are finding your cologne is not strong enough.
  2. Add the oils to the vodka. Add the correct percentage of oil to the vodka and stir gently. During this part of the process the cologne will need to sit for 48 hours before completing the next step.
  3. After 48 hours have passed, slowly add the distilled water. Stir gently again, making sure all ingredients are fully mixed.
  4. Pour your new cologne into your bottle and cap the lid. If you want your cologne to be stronger, then it is best to let the cologne sit untouched for four to six weeks without opening the bottle.

When making your own cologne from fragrance oils you will want to make sure the fragrance oils are not cut with vegetable oil or any other type of heavy oil. If you are in doubt, contact the company that is selling the fragrance oil and check with them. You will also want to make sure the fragrance oil is safe for contact with your skin.


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