How To Make Your Own Scooter

Learn how to make your own scooter. Making your own scooters could make you or help you save tons of money. You do not need a special license or experience to make your own scooter. Scooters are quite simple to make. So learn the simplicity with these steps:

Things you will need:

  • Old skateboard
  • Handle bar additive
  • Nails, screws, or bolts
  • Screwdriver or drill
  1. Find a handle bar additive. You would need to find a store in your area that sells scooter handle bar additives. You could most likely find them in a hobby store or custom scooter store. The handle bar additive would be made with the handle bars on top with the base that would connect to the scooter. Be sure to purchase one that has the bolt features.
  2. Begin bolting down the handle bar additive to skateboard. If your skateboard has curved ends, then only bolt the handle bar additive to the smooth part of the skate board. You would need to place the handlebar additive far from the center of the skateboard. Make sure that you would have enough scooting space. Center align the handlebar additive on the far edge of the skateboard. Once it is positioned, then begin bolting, nailing, or screwing your parts into the holes in the handle bar additive.
  3. Test your work. Testing your work is important when making your own scooter. Safety is the best option, so fondle around with your handle bar additive to make sure it is tight. It should not move at all. If not, then you have successfully made your own scooter in a few easy steps!



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