How To Make Your Own Shirt

If store-bought garments are too ordinary for you, why not learn how to make your own shirt? Not only can you choose the exact color you like, pattern and design, you can decorate your shirt for an elegant or shabby chic look, plain or glamorous. You don’t have to know how to sew to make your own shirt. Just visit your local craft store and browse their selection of cheap, ready-made T-shirts and tank tops, or rummage in your closet for a drab old top or boring dress shirt. Treat the fabric like the canvas of a painting and create the perfect shirt you always wanted. Both men and women can have fun making their own shirt, for a unique fashion statement.

Here’s what you’ll need to make your own shirt in several fashionable styles:

  • Scissors
  • Decals or embroidery patches
  • Iron
  • Ironing board
  • Bucket
  • 1 quart bleach
  • Pebbles
  • Rubber bands

Follow these steps to make your own shirt at home:

  1. Make a cut off shirt. Turn an ordinary T-shirt into a chic, sexy top by cutting it selectively. For men, trim the bottom hem off a dark cotton T-shirt, leaving the fabric to roll along the new hem. Add similar cuts to shorten the sleeves and widen the neckline. Create a second cut off T-shirt in white with slightly shorter cuts and wear it over the first for a two-toned effect. For women, cut an old T-shirt above the belly button and along the neckline, then cut the sleeves off as well to create a shabby tank top with rolled hemlines. Add a horizontal slit at the center of the back for a sexy touch.
  2. Make a shirt with a decal. You’ll often find T-shirts with decals, but how about making your own dress shirt with a decal? For men, select a dress shirt with front pockets and look for small decals or a large one that can be cut into smaller sections. Craft stores and online decal sites have the best selection. Elegant motifs like a rusty fleur-de-lis, brown paisley patterns or black Gaelic designs are ideal. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions to iron small decals on the front pockets, collar tips or in a vertical line along the button lapel. For women, select embroidery patches with decal glue on the back to make a shirt graced with the elegance of needlework along the front, shoulders or sleeves.
  3. Make a shirt with bleach or dye. Turn any old garment into a new shirt by altering its color entirely. Place an old shirt in a bucket with one quart of bleach and two quarts of water to strip the dye from the fabric. While the shirt will turn white, gray or a rusty color, the seams will likely retain their original hue, adding chic highlights to the shirt you made. If you want to make a shirt in a specific color, use clothes dye that you can find at your local craft store. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions to dilute the dye in water and soak the shirt until the fabric absorbs the new color. To create a tie-dye effect on the back of the shirt, place a large stone in the center and wrap the fabric around it, then secure the knot with a thick rubber band.

As you browse the aisle of your local craft store, you’ll find more ideas for making your own shirt, from leather decals to embroidery letters that can spell a message. Combine all the tips suggested in this article to give yourself a new wardrobe without going shopping at all.

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