How To Make Your Own Tile Pattern For The Game Mahjong

Need to know how to make your own tile pattern for the game mahjong? A tile pattern in mahjong is called a layout. There are two ways you can make your own mahjong tile pattern. Those two ways are with real mahjong tiles or through a computer game. Technically, the game is called Mahjong Solitaire or Shanghai Solitaire, even though the game of mahjong is typically played as a four-player game. It has been played since ancient times, but over the past few decades has been popular as a computer game of various types. Here is how to make your own mahjong tile pattern for both real tiles and computer programs.

First, it is possible to make your own mahjong tile pattern with real tiles:


  1. If you own a mahjong tile set to play with friends and family, than you can make your own mahjong tile patterns. To make things easier, you can use a wooden frame that holds the tiles in place as you create your design. Then the wooden frame is carefully lifted from the layout and set aside.
  2. There are very few rules to creating your own mahjong layout with real tiles. Mahjong layouts are four layers high, and generally angle in as the layers get higher. This makes for more free tiles to work with. The layout is usually thirteen tiles long. However, only the four layers are a necessity.
  3. To make your own mahjong tile pattern you really just need creativity and a bit of patience. It is like building a domino roller coaster that keeps falling before you are ready. Making a mahjong layout with real tiles takes time, because you are building it by hand and really have no way of knowing if the layout will work until you are finished, or nearly finished. Once you have completed your hard work, you get to take it apart by playing Mahjong Solitaire with it, and then rebuild it all again if you lose. That is, if you can remember the layout you created.
  4. You should always try to draw out your mahjong layout before building it, and keep your layouts in a notebook for future use. Playing Mahjong Solitaire with real tiles might be harder to do than a computer game, but it is more rewarding, traditional and hands-on.

You can also make your own mahjong tile patterns on a computer:

  1. Try Mahjong Solitaire from is a great resource for mahjong fans, and they also have free downloads of different mahjong games. Their Mahjong Solitaire lets you play pre-made layouts, or create your own with the layout creator.
  2. Try Kyodai Mahjong from This is another website that allows you to download an amazing mahjong game. Not only does it have eight different styles of mahjong gameplay, but you can create your own layouts. On top of that, you can even create your own tile sets with pictures of your choice.
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