How To Make Your Own Web Browser

Need to know how to make your own web browser?  You don't have to be a computer technician or programmer to create a basic web browser.  Usually a web browser is created using Visual basic and Java.  However, this article will show you how to create a web browser using C++. 

1.  C++.   C++ is an object-oriented language that is widely used for many types of programming.  C# is the newest version of C++, but this article will focus on C++.  Before we begin you will want to download the C++ compiler, if you have not done so already.  You can get this as a free download from  This article will reference  the 2008 C++ compiler. 

2.  New project.  Start selecting new project and select windows forms application.  Give the project a name and then click next and then finish. 

3.  Creating the windows form.   Now you will want to start creating your window design.  You will use the toolbox to add buttons, text boxes, radio buttons, etc. to the windows form.  First, click on web browser in the toolbox, then click anywhere on the form window.  Then, click on a small arrow in the upper right corner of the window form.  Select undock in parent container.  This will show the web browser window.  Next, set it equal to the window form but leave some room at the top for the Back, Forward, URL and Go button. 

4.  Creating the top panel.  Just above the web browser you will have to create a back button, forward button, URL text box and go button.  To do this, go to the toolbox and click on the button, then click above the web browser to place the button.  After you have clicked on the spot to put the button, you can click on the button again to move or resize it to your preferences.  After you have done this, do the same for the forward and go buttons.  For the URL you will use the text box from the toolbox. 

5.  Naming.  After you have your buttons and text box in place you will want to name the buttons accordingly.  To do this, click on the button and go to properties. Then type in the new name in the text field.  After you have named the button close out of the properties window.  Now you should see the new name appear on the button.  Do the same for the other buttons. 

6.  Programming.  Last but not least, you will need to program the buttons to function in the way you need them too.  Double click the back button.  You should now see code displayed in the window.  You will want to click in the method line of that button.  Remember, the code will still use the assigned name like button1, instead of "Back".  Type in the following: this->webBrowser1->GoBack();.  Do the same for the following buttons:  Forward: this->webBrowser1->GoForward();.  Go: this->webBrowser1->Navigate(this->textbox1->text);.  You will notice that the program uses intelliSense to figure out what you are typing.  If it comes up with a pop up box you can click on the item instead of typing it in.  This makes it easier and faster to program. 

7.  Compile.  Now compile the code by pressing CTRL + F5.  The program will run and you will be able to type in an URL and click the Go button and watch the web site come up. 

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