How To Make Your Penis Bigger

In order to make your penis bigger you need to get blood flowing to your genitals. Sometimes there is not enough blood flowing into this tissue to reach a full erection. There are many reasons that this can occur and it is quite common. However, there are exercises and natural supplements that will fill your penis with blood to it become engorged. This will make your penis bigger and thicker. Surgery is another option to get your erectile organ bigger. It is a permanent solution for a short penis, but it is expensive and there are risks involved with this like there are with any other surgery.

  1. Make your penis look bigger by shaving your pubic hair. The hair above your groin hides the true length of your penis. If you do not want to shave it all you can trim it with scissors to reveal more of your joystick.
  2. Lose weight to make your sensory organ appear larger. If you are overweight your penis will appear smaller. When you lose weight your body looks more proportionate.
  3. Jelqing is a penile exercise technique that will make your penis bigger. All that is needed to perform this technique is your hand and some lotion. Take the lotion into your hand and put it on your semi-erect penis. Then make a ring around the shaft of your male member with your fingers and move the ring from the shaft of your penis to the head. When you reach the head of your member take your other hand and repeat the same exercise. Continue to do this each day. It takes 300 jelqs daily to get your penis to enlarged.
  4. Ballooning is a penis enlargement exercise that requires you to stimulate your penis and testicles until you are ready to ejaculate. At this point you stop the ejaculation. This exercise should be repeated three time daily to make your penis bigger.
  5. Stretch your erectile organ by making a ring with your fingers around the shaft and pull the penis as gently as possible away from your body. The position should be held for five to ten seconds. This exercise should be done twenty times enlarge your erectile member.
  6. Take natural supplements in addition to your penile exercises. The herbal extracts ginseng and ginkgo have been safely used for centuries as a libido booster. These products get blood circulated into your penis which will cause it to become enlarged.

There are many products that claim to enlarge the penis but often just following exercises and taken natural herbs are all that is needed to make your penis bigger. Surgery is also an option but it can cause a loss of sensation in the penis if it is not done properly.



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