How To Make Your Room Vintage

Learn how to make your room vintage for a style all your own. Vintage usually refers to things that are at least twenty years old, but whatever style you prefer can be considered to be vintage. There are numerous ways to make your room vintage from collecting a specific type of item like a selection of vintage cookie cutters to display on the wall to revamping an entire room with authentic vintage pieces that harken to an earlier time.

  1. Choose a room to make vintage.  If a vintage kitchen is what you have in mind, decide what style and era of vintage pieces you want to showcase. Look at your space to see what you will need including furniture, curtains, bowls, dishes, glasses, utensils, pictures and wall hangings, and the like.
  2. Select a style of vintage to use to make your room vintage. A 1950s kitchen is a popular vintage style. Lovers of this vintage era often choose a chrome kitchen table and chair set, aluminum glasses and pitcher, a vintage apron to wear while cooking, advertising signs for the wall, old cookbooks from the era, embroidered kitchen tea towels, and mixing bowls with atomic designs to name a few.
  3. Find the vintage pieces. Begin the treasure hunt to find the vintage collectibles to make your room vintage. Shop at thrift stores, flea markets, and antique stores for the best selections. Consider looking at ads on Craigslist or eBay for specific things you have in mind.
  4. Arrange the room. Use the vintage pieces to make your room vintage. The more authentic the items are, the better the look will be. Be judicious in placing items, ensuring you don't clutter the space but also use enough collectibles to get the vintage theme across.
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