How To Make Your Veins Bigger

Learning how to make your veins bigger will take dedication to push yourself over the plateau effect. To have apparent bigger veins, a greater vascularity has to be achieved. This can come from genetics and lowering your body fat percentage. When you work on a muscle group, your blood flow is increased causing your veins to be stimulated. With the right techniques of each workout you will make your veins bigger.

The items you need to make your veins bigger are:

  • Dumbbells
  • Barbells
  • Pull-up bar
  • Stability ball
  • Wobble or balance board

Increase your heart rate before working out:

  1. Warm up your muscles by doing some cardio for ten minutes to increase your heart rate. Speed boxing with dumbbells on each hand is a alternative for increasing your heart rate.

Push-ups will help make your veins bigger:

  1. There are different variations of a push-up, but all work on many muscle groups, such as your arms, back, chest an abs.
  2. Support yourself with your hands and toes. Keep your back straight and your abs should be kept tight. Lean forward until you feel your weight on your shoulders.
  3. When lowering begin to exhale. Your nose should be touching the floor and hold this position for three seconds. Begin to return to the starting position and inhale.
  4. For advance users, have a weight on your back and use a stability ball or a balancing board.

Bench presses will help make your shoulder and chest veins bigger:

  1. There are several ways a bench press can be done. There is a variety of grips you can utilize on the barbell and there are different bench angles. Be aware this exercise causes many injuries because many don't implement proper techniques and most don't have a spotter.
  2. Begin picking the appropriate weight you wish to lift. Lay flat on the bench and grab hold of the barbell.
  3. Lift the weights up where your elbows are locked in this position; this is the starting position.
  4. While slowly lowering the barbell begin to inhale and let the bar hit your chest. Exhale and lift the weights back to the starting position.
  5. For advance users, do this exercise on a stability ball.

Calf raises will give you bigger veins on your lower legs:

  1. There are several ways to do calf raises. All of the exercises isolates your calf muscles either way.
  2. In a standing position have your legs shoulder width apart. Begin to lift all your body weight with only your toes.
  3. Squeeze your calf at its highest point and slowly lower without letting your heels touch the floor.
  4. For advance users, have dumbbells on each hand and do this exercise on a wobble board or an balance board.

Don't focus on just one muscle to make your veins bigger:

  1. These are just some of the exercises to make your veins bigger. Focus on different types of workouts to cause muscle confusion. It's best to utilize free weights, instead of machines because many machines focus on just one muscle group.
  2. Utilize workouts such as pull-ups, tricep dips, tricep dumbbell kickbacks, dumbbell concentration curls, close grip bench presses, seated bicep curls, standing hammer curls, and squats among others. After each workout stretch out each muscle you've used.


  1. Cut down on red meats because they have high contents of saturated fat. Consume foods that have complex carbohydrates and high protein.
  2. Foods that are high in protein are grilled chicken, lean turkey, egg whites, almonds, salmon, tuna, and cottage cheese.
  3. Foods that have complex carbohydrates are in oatmeal, red potatoes, bran, brown pasta, brown rice, among others. Drink plenty of water also.

Resting and relax after a workout:

  1. Allow your body to recuperate after an intense work out. To make your veins bigger you can only workout five days a week. When you exercise your muscle fibers tear off and repair after you sleep. If you attempt to neglect rest, then you risk the chance of injuring yourself.


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