How To Make Your Voice Higher

If you want to learn how to make your voice higher you can try these steps as effective means of getting high pitched voice. There is no short cut in learning how to make a voice sound higher but practice can always help achieve this goal. Proper voice training and discipline are required to make some improvements of getting your voice higher. 

  1. Strengthen your vocal cords. Voice pitch is determined by the vibrations produced by the vocal cords. High pitch is produced with greater numbers of vibration. The rate of vibration is highly dependent upon the ability of the vocal cords to tighten and relax. Emotional control is necessary when trying to learn how to make your voice higher since when you are overly excited or frightened the muscles of your vocal cords are tensed making it difficult to produce high pitch.
  2. Practice your pitch with a piano accompaniment. Try counting from one to eight along the pitch of middle C then drop down on one note. Repeat the process to reach the low pitch without straining your vocal cords. Begin again at middle C and go up to a higher scale counting from one to eight pitches. You will become more conscious on various pitch levels that helps you control how to make your voice higher.
  3. Practice making the sound of oooh's and aaah's. Start gently at a limited range and you can move to a higher pitch each day of your voice training. Try to explore how high you can create the sound. Make sure not to force your vocal cords to make a high pitch sound. It will take time before you can reach the comfortable high pitch for your vocal cord and it needs a lot of practice.
  4. Learn how to modulate your voice. This is a good practice to stretch the voice muscles. It allows the vocal cords to pick different voice tones including learning to produce a high pitched voice.
  5. Learn breathing exercise. The more relaxed your vocal cords are the better it can produce high pitch sound. You have more difficulty in making your voice higher with a tensed vocal cord so learn how to relax your vocal cord muscles to get better control on your voice pitch.
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