How To Make Your Voice Sound Better

Whether you want to be the next singing sensation or win the hearts of ladies at a karaoke bar, it is important to learn how to make your voice sound better. Learning to sing well will also help you have better control over your voice and sing with strength. You can then use these techniques in your everyday life when you talk to others.

  1. Use your diaphragm. Located above your stomach, just under your lungs, the diaphragm is your vocal powerhouse. Pretend you are an opera singer and belt out a note. You will feel the top of your stomach tighten and the back of your throat open up more: this is how you will know you are using your diaphragm. Use this muscle instead of your throat when you sing.
  2. Breathe properly. When you breathe properly, your lung capacity will grow as your voice improves. When singing, and in everyday life, let your chest expand when you inhale and lower when you exhale. Breathing in the correct manner will power your voice with energy and prevent you from straining your throat.
  3. Always warm up your voice. Your vocal cords are a muscle. Like with any type of exercise, you need to warm up your muscles. Singing scales, humming, making your lips vibrate while you hum and rolling your Rs while you make noise are all good ways to warm up your voice, strengthen it and gain the ability to sing higher and lower notes.
  4. Listen well. Sing along to some of your favorite songs and listen for changes in key, the vocalist’s breathing patterns and so on. You do not have to sound exactly like the person on the recording, but make it your goal to sing in key so you are not “pitchy.”

Making your voice sound better is a long process that requires regular practice and maintenance. Those who sing practice every day. Not because they are bad, but because they want to keep their singing muscles in shape. Like an athlete, you must also train regularly to achieve the vocal fitness you desire.

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