How To Make Your Voice Sound Like A Chipmunk

Learning how to make your voice sound like a chipmunk can be fun for parties or entertaining children. It is also cool for those wishing to go into voice-over acting work. A chipmunk-voice sound clip can help the actor nab some voice-over work auditions as well. Ideally, if the chipmunk voice is for acting jobs or auditions, it is best to invest in decent sound-editing software.

To make your voice sound like a chipmunk you will need:

  • Digital voice recorder
  • Sound recording and editing software
  1. Practice speaking in your normal voice, but enunciate clearly and raise your pitch slightly. The way they made the voice in "Alvin and the Chipmunks" sound so cute was by having the actors speak with a slightly pitched up voice and enunciate their words properly. Then the recordings of their slow, normal voices were played back at a faster speed providing that Chipmunk voice.
  2. Record your voice speaking with increased pitch and enunciating words clearly. This could be done with a simple voice recorder, but ideally it should be done with some computer-based program to allow better manipulation of the sound clips later.
  3. If using a hand-held digital voice recorder, playback the recording in a faster speed. This should produce a simple chipmunk-sounding voice from the recording. This will not be ideal for voice-over auditions, but it would work well for entertaining kids or having fun at a party.
  4. If using a computer program, or if the sound recordings can be transferred to a computer program, use the program to speed up the playback of the voice recordings. The computer program will allow the user to adjust the speed and pitch to produce a more Alvin-Simon-Theodore type voice.
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