How To Make Your Voice Stronger

Learning how to make your voice stronger is not as hard as you may think. Whether you want to improve your voice for singing or speaking, it is important to make your voice sound stronger in a healthy manner so you do not strain your vocal chords and sound hoarse. Practice the following techniques to make your voice have the strength of soul singer or your favorite radio announcer.

  1. Control your breathing. The muscles of your diaphragm are what help project sound to make your voice stronger. When you breathe properly, you allow your chest to rise when you inhale and lower upon exhale. Make a sleepy, yawning sound or say, “Ho, ho, ho,” like Santa Clause and notice how you do not use just your throat to make the noise. This is because the sound resonates from your diaphragm, which is located above your stomach.
  2. Control the volume of your voice. Strength and volume are two different things when it comes to your voice. A strong voice is able to speak loudly or softly without straining or screaming. Practice saying a phrase like “how are you?” in a soft voice and as if you were a stage actor who needs to make sure everyone in the theater can hear him.
  3. Enunciate well. A strong voice is worthless if others misunderstand you because you do not form your words correctly. When singing or speaking, emphasize the consonants at the end of each word.

    The following are some examples of words or phrases that people often enunciate poorly: peace (often sounds like “peas”), would you (often sounds like “would chew”), fifty (may sound like “fifteen”) and beads (may sound like “bees”).

A strong voice commands respect and is the envy of men with small, mousy voices. With practice, persistence and time, you can have a voice that others will admire.

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