How To Make Your Wife Feel Special

Knowing how to make your wife feel special is very important for any relationship. If she feels like she is less important to you than your work or hobbies, or that you "settled" for her, she may become unhappy and leave you. So, to keep your marriage happy and fresh, be sure to make her feel like a queen, or at least a princess. However, if your wife is the suspicious type and these actions are unusual for you, she may suspect an affair. So just be careful in how you go about implementing these ideas, and ease into them, if necessary.

  1. Tell her you love her at random times. Many married couples get into "I love you" routines, in which they say the words every day before work, before going to bed, etc., which can make the words less meaningful. To really show her that you still love her, tell her "I love you" during unusual times of the day, such as when she is getting ready for work, playing with the kids, or eating dinner.
  2. Surprise her with a special gift. Many women love when their husbands surprise them with gifts. A surprise gift does not need to be diamonds or fancy chocolates: simply giving her a heartfelt card or some hand-picked flowers can be enough. Just don't try to bribe her with gifts–she may enjoy them, but they won't necessarily make her feel special.
  3. Cook dinner. Many wives end up cooking dinner even if they work the same amount as their husbands, which can be an annoyance. If your wife does all the cooking, treat her to a gourmet meal after work every so often. If you are a terrible cook, you can take her out to dinner or get pre-made food from the grocery store, but she may enjoy a homemade, terrible dinner anyway just because you made it.
  4. Take her on vacation. If you are a work-aholic and she is not, propose going on a romantic getaway. You can do the planning and decide on the location (unless she insists).
  5. Show more affection. If you are not the verbal type, you can simply show her more affection. Kiss her, hug her, or hold her hand more often. She may wonder why you are doing it at first, but the more often you show affection, the more special she will feel.
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