How To Make Yourself Ejaculate

If you want to know how to make yourself ejaculate then all you have to do is read this article. Being able to ejaculate is easy for a man most of the time unless they have medical problems which can affect performance. There are a few tricks or techniques which are guaranteed to help a man ejaculate at any given time. Not only are they useful in certain situations, but knowing these techniques saves much frustration during sex when a partner may be nervous. When partners aren’t available, no problem, orgasm is simple.

  1. Keep a rich fantasy life. Yes, it is very important for a man to have a fantasy. Fantasies have no bounds because they are primarily figments of the imagination. Whether it be the run-of-the-mill fantasies or something a little more off the beaten path, fantasies will help the male to ejaculate himself faster than he might think. Magazines and adult shows add to the fantasy and may make the orgasm even easier to attain.
  2. Oils and Lubricants are an amazing way to stimulate yourself. These can be used during fantasizing or simply just to keep from chafing the skin around the penis. Either way, lubricants are most certainly a must during self pleasuring. During sexual intercourse, lubricants can be used as well to enhance your partners natural juices and some products are even available in heated versions. The heat has been found to further stimulate the private areas making climax easier to attain.
  3. Learn what distracts you and what enhances the mood when trying to reach the climax. Some prefer quiet while some prefer music during sexual activities. The best way to find out is by trial and error. Most individuals are already aware of what distracts them during sexual activities. Know yourself and it will be easier to ejaculate yourself sooner.
  4. Rubbing the right areas. It is safe to say that most men know where to stroke when trying to ejaculate themselves. The head of the penis is very sensitive and should acquire the most attention at the beginning. Short storkes just on the head of the penis then pulling back up from the base can cause intense pleasure. For the quickest ejaculation, repeat this move over and over until climax is reached.
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