How To Make Yourself Faint

Fainting is a common medical situation, and there are ways you can make yourself faint whether intentionally, or non-intentionally. Fainting is typically brought on by either a lack of blood supply to the brain or changes in the nervous system. Once you have fainted and are in the lying position, the blood supply levels out and you can come-to, or wake-up. You can make yourself faint by doing a couple of different things.

  1. Not eating and allowing your blood sugar to plummet can be a way to make yourself faint. When your blood sugar drops, it causes light headedness and can cause you to pass out. Sometimes people who have diabetes have problems with fainting. If they do not eat properly or take their insulin properly, they can faint.
  2. Holding your breath is another way to make yourself faint. Your brain requires oxygen. If you starve your brain of oxygen, you can pass out.
  3. Hyperventilating can cause fainting. When your breathing rhythm gets out of sync, you can lose too much carbon dioxide. Your breathing needs to be in a smooth rhythm, and by disrupting the rhythm and the exchange of oxygen to carbon dioxide, you can make yourself faint.
  4. Changes in blood pressure can cause fainting. If you are on blood pressure medication, you can make yourself faint by not taking your medication properly, or by not taking it at all.

Fainting can be a frightening experience. If you find yourself lying on the floor and do not remember falling, you may have fainted. It is dangerous to cause yourself to pass out because in the process of falling, you can hurt yourself; bang your head and give yourself a concussion. If it happens due to other reasons, that is bad enough, but you should never cause yourself to pass out on purpose.



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