How To Make Yu-Gi-Oh Elemental Hero Cards

Players and collectors of the popular card game may want to learn how to make "Yu-Gi-Oh" elemental hero cards. Elemental hero "Yu-Gi-Oh!" cards are a series made up of monsters of the warrior type. The characters were modeled after comic book superheros and designed by Kazuki Takahashi. If you can't get your hands on an actual set you can visit the website of to create your own.

To make a "Yu-Gi-Oh!" elemental hero cards you'll need:

  • Model elemental hero cards
  • Computer
  • Elemental hero card pictures
  • Printer
  • Scissors
  • Old "Yu-Gi-Oh!" cards
  1. Locate pictures of the elemental hero cards that you want to make. Either borrow some from a friend or find a picture online. You'll need it to model your card after. Make sure all the card's attributes are visible so you can make an exact replica.
  2. Register at While this isn't essential, registering allows you to save your elemental hero cards to print again and again.
  3. Fill in all the vital information that the website requests. Select things like the card settings, type and attributes from the drop-down menus. Use your model "Yu-Gi-Oh!"elemental hero cards to get all the information right. Other information you'll need to copy include the card serial number, creation year, ATK/DEF, circulation number, set ID and card rarity.
  4. Upload the picture of the elemental hero monster for the "Yu-Gi-Oh!" card onto the website. Hit the "generate" button to finish making the "Yu-Gi-Oh" elemental hero card.
  5. Print out the card from the website. Cut out the card front and glue it to an extra "Yu-Gi-Oh!" card you have lying around. This gives it a more authentic look and feel for use in game play.
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