How To Make Yu-Gi-Oh God Card

How to make “Yu-Gi-Oh” God card is a simple online process. “Yu-Gi-Oh” is a very popular completive card game (CCG) and trading card game (TCG) in Japan as well as the United States. Making your own “Yu-Gi-Oh” is not a substitute for the actual game and is not legal. “Yu-Gi-Oh” card making is frowned on but is legal providing you do not sell the cards as original. The “Yu-Gi-Oh” God card(s) is of a specific set of monsters that are supposed to have ultimate powers.

What you will need for this:

  • Computer
  • Color printer
  • Software package
  • Registration
  1. “Yu-Gi-Oh” God cards can be fashioned at for a simple registration. The online “Yu-Gi-Oh” card maker software is simple and easy to use. The template that is available walks you through the necessary fields for you to complete.
  2. You complete the God monster or your own “Yu-Gi-Oh” God monster. Do this by inputting the following information: name (use the true names such as Slifer the Sky Dragon, Five God Dragon or Oblisk the tormentor), card type, attribute, level rarity and the stats associated with the God card.
  3. Pictures of the God card can be uploaded from your computer. You can obtain pictures of the actual “Yu-Gi-Oh” gods at various locations. Consider or Or, if you prefer, you can upload any picture you desire.
  4. Once complete, you can save or print your card. These make great novelties or a great way to practice the CCG against other players. This can be an inexpensive way to create decks for play and practice.
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