How To Make A Zoot Suit

OK cat daddies and jive turkeys, lets learn how to make a Zoot suit. The Zoot suit is about flash. the Zoot suit is about catching someone's eye. The Zoot suit is about originality. Ultimately the suit represents you being an exaggerated cool. The Zoot suit is your inner party animal exponentially increased. The Zoot suit isn't about looking like a pimp. Lets get it going all you cool cats. Let's put that Zooted suit together.

  1. No dull colors. Zoot suits, first and foremost, are about standing out. You can't do that with drab, everyday color blends. Leave that professional attire for the office. There's a whole myriad of crazy color mixes out there. Get creative.
  2. Colorful combinations. Your jacket's color should compliment your pants. If you're rocking a bright yellow blazer (which can look cool) try throwing on some bright purple pants. If both the pants and jacket are going to have similar colors then those colors should really stand out. An all baby blue suit jacket pants combo would work well. Pinstripes are hot as long as you don't use the regular black suit white pinstripe combo. You starting to get the picture? You want your suit to attract attention. Your shirt should have the big Dumbo ear collars, and it should stand out as much as the rest of the outfit. With shirts, you have some flexibility. If you want it to compliment the craziness of the jacket and pants you can. You could also give the shirt a life of its own and make it stand out completely separate of the rest of the outfit. Hell, polka-dots will even work if you pick a good looking shirt.
  3. How it fits. It is a necessity that your jacket fits perfectly. To give your jacket a more Zooted feel, add those thick shoulder pads to make your shoulders look unrealistically broad. Your torso should look like a triangle pointing downward. The pants should only be tight at the ankles. They should flare out near the thigh and tighten up at the waist.
  4. The hat. Your hat is the centerpiece of your Zooted outfit. This thing needs to be an attention magnet. It needs to be bright bold and straight over the top. Get one with a huge brim with colors that either compliment the suit or stand out on their own. And it ain't a Zoot hat without the flashiest feather you can find. Slap one of those huge parrot feathers on the hat and you're good to go.
  5. The tie. Bow ties, bow ties, bow ties. If you use a bow tie make sure it stands out. Don't make it look stupid like a clowns bow tie, but definitely choose a tie that they'll remember. If you choose the standard tie, it's up to you whether or not you want it to stand out.
  6. the shoes. The shoes are another item that have a great importance to the overall outfit. Make sure these things stand out. People should say "damn!" when they see your shoes. Take for instance, if you're wearing a baby blue suit, the shoes should be like a creme colored squared toed set of monsters. Remember, the trick to the suit is to make everything an exaggerated version of your own cool style. The shoes are included in this as well. You don't want to look like a clown. You just want to force the attention on yourself with what you're rocking.
  7. Time piece. No watches. Get one of those old school pocket watches that attach to your belt. You know the ones that flip open when you push down the top of them.
  8. The walk. You've got the outfit together but something still missing. Hmmm, what could it be? The walk man, you need a cool walk. Just like everything else, your walk has to be exaggerated. Here's what you do. Walk with a severe limp in one leg. So it looks like every step will make you fall over. Do it in rhythm. Your off hand should be resting in your pants pocket. The other one should be swaying as if you're moving the air out of your way while you walk.
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