How To Manage A Bad Boss

Knowing how to manage a bad boss can help you protect your job security, avoid unnecessary confrontations, and maintain a healthier work environment. Whether your boss is unreasonable, unethical, or simply stubborn, to manage a bad boss you must be patient, professional, and willing to take the appropriate steps to remedy the situation.

  1. Keep the focus on your work-related tasks. To manage a bad boss and preserve your good standing with your employer, redirect hostile or unprofessional conversations back to work-related topics.
  2. Be professional. While it may be hard to keep your composure if you feel you’re being disrespected, to manage a bad boss, it is important to stay professional. Stooping to your boss’s level will only escalate the situation.
  3. Document your boss’s bad behavior. A key strategy to help you manage a boss is to keep good notes. Each time your boss behaves inappropriately, write down the date, time, and place where it happened, along with details about his specific words and actions.  
  4. Don’t take his behavior personally. When dealing with a bad boss, it can be easy to become defensive or let your supervisor’s negative behavior impact your attitude. To make the best of your work experience, keep your bad boss’s behavior in perspective and recognize that you may not be able to change it without intervention from a higher authority in the company.   
  5. Contact your boss’s supervisor. If you are unable to manage a bad boss or if he does something illegal, dangerous, or unethical, present your notes to his supervisor. If your bass boss’s supervisor is unwilling to listen, consider consulting an employment attorney. 
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