How To Manage Expenses While Camping

Learning how to manage your expenses while camping is relatively easy. Camping is one of the least expensive vacations you can take. However, there can be a few money pitfalls if you are not careful. Read the following tips to learn how to manage your expenses while camping.

  1. Purchase the food before you go. It is usually cheaper to buy the food you will need for camping when you are close to home. Most campgrounds will offer a general store, but they have a small selection and often charge more than a larger store. Use the campground store to purchase only a forgotten item or two.
  2. Take firewood with you. Call ahead to the area where you will be camping and find out if you can bring firewood into the park. Some parks and campgrounds do not allow wood to be brought from other places because it can introduce unwanted pests to the area. If you are able to bring your own fire wood, look for signs or ads for free firewood. After storms some people will offer free firewood from fallen trees. Spend the time cutting the firewood yourself to cut down on your expenses while camping.
  3. Repair your tent. Tents that develop small tears or leaks can be repaired. Take a tent repair kit with you when you go camping. Never buy a new tent if you can repair the tent you already have. Tents are one of the most expensive pieces of camping equipment. Throwing away a repairable tent is a bad way to manage expenses.
  4. Keep away from the general store. Most campgrounds have a store where they sell a little bit of everything, included souvenirs. If you need to manage expenses while camping, you may not want to visit the store too often. The nice sweatshirt they are selling will no doubt have a high price tag and it is nothing that you need for your camping trip provided that you brought a sweatshirt or jacket from home.
  5. Look for free activities. If you plan to leave your camping area, talk to locals about free activities in the area. If you are camping, you will undoubtedly be near hiking and biking trails which are free. Many tourist areas also offer free tours of historical or natural areas.
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