How To Manage A Retail Store

Knowing how to manage a retail store is a wonderful skill that can lead to a fulfilling occupation. But for anyone without the proper knowledge or management training, it could turn into a nightmare. Here are some helpful tips to help bring out the best manager in you. 

  1. Hold a staff meeting. A retail store relies on its employees. Without them, no one would be able to sell the products for the company. So the best thing to do is have a sit-down with your employees and make sure everyone is on the same page. Lay out the store policies and procedures, let them know what your expectations are and the company's expectations of its employees, and allow time for questions and comments.
  2. Hire good people. The people you choose to work at your store represent you in some shape or form. If you are a competent manager, you will hire solid and competent people. All employees represent the company and store image.
  3. Keep the store clean and uncluttered. Customers notice things that sometimes employees don't because customers usually don't see your store every day. Customers notice when there is trash or boxes blocking walkways or when mirrors are dirty or dust is collecting on the floor. A clean store is an inviting store, and you definitely want to invite your customers back!
  4. Train your staff. Thorough training ensures that everything is in black and white. It is grey areas that lead to headaches and employee issues. Training is the best time to show a new employee what is expected of them, and is a main responsibility in managing a retail store. Also, they will feel more confident because they will have the knowledge and know-how to do their job right. 
  5. Provide excellent customer service. A friendly smile, eye-to-eye contact and sincerity are rewarded in the retail world. Customers will return to a happy place with products they like. Make sure your staff understands that top-rated customer service is their number one priority. Without customers, they would have no job.
  6. Manage inventory. Products are one of the main reasons why customers visit and buy from a retail store. Make sure top-selling products are displayed near the entrance of the store, refill the sales floor daily with back stock, and make sure your employees know their products.  These are all great ways to manage a tight shipped retail store. 
  7. Give monthly evaluations to staff. This is a great way to stay on top of employee issues. If you have an employee whose sales are low, this may be a good time to start  a conversation about the issue. This is also a great time to see if they have any issues or questions for you.
  8. Have fun.  A positive and inviting attitude emanating from you and your employees is what customers flock to. Consciously or unconsciously, humans are attracted to positive and happy energy. The best way to create this kind of atmosphere is just to relax, have fun, and like what you're doing. You'll see that all the other steps to managing a retail store will simply fall in place if you and your staff do this one easy step.
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