How to Manicure Men’s Fingernails

Learning how to manicure men’s fingernails is an easy task that shouldn’t take much time or effort. A nice set of fingernails looks clean, attractive, and professional.  Set aside fifteen minutes and get started. 

To manicure men's fingernails, you will need:

  • nail file
  • scrubber
  • cuticle clipper and orangewood stick
  • nail buffer
  • nail clippers
  • hand lotion
  • bowl of warm water 
  1. Make sure the materials are clean before starting. Shared or dirty equipment can cause infections, and you don’t want that.
  2. Wash hands well and clean under the fingernails using a nail scrubber. Soak fingernails in the bowl of warm water for a few minutes. This will soften the cuticles and help prepare for pushing.
  3. Push the cuticles gently down the nail using the orangewood stick. Try not to push too hard or it will hurt.  
  4. Carefully trim excess cuticle and any hangnails using the cuticle clippers.
  5. If the nails are excessively long, trim them down first with the nail clippers. File the nails moving in one direction. Doing it this way helps prevent weakness and breakage.
  6. Buff the nail surface. This will provide a nice, natural looking shine without polish.
  7. Apply hand lotion and you’re set.

Men’s manicures are a great way to look sharp with minimal effort. To make it easier, purchase a nail grooming kit. They usually have all the tools needed to keep nails in good shape.  Perform the manicure every week or two for maintenance, depending on how fast the nails grow.

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