How To Manual On A BMX Bike

Learning how to manual on a BMX is a piece of cake. If you can do a wheelie then you can pull off the manual. The manual is a variation of the wheelie on a BMX. BMX wheelies are very basic and the manual takes it to a new love with a touch of style. Learning the manual on a BMX will take you no time. Most every trick enthusiast often uses BMX tricks like the manual. Learning the manual on a BMX is detailed in the steps below. Strap on your helmet and learn to do a manual. BMX is an incredible sport. It is a fun gig for the novice to the professional. These days, BMX biking is more than a teenage fad, it's a worldwide phenomenon that is enjoyed by males and females alike.

Things you will need for this trick:

  • BMX bike
  • BMX Helmet
  • Flatland to do it


  1. Strap on your BMX helmet and hit some flatland. The manual is best served on solid ground. Try your local park, basketball court or even out in front of your house. Make sure your gear is on and you are ready to go.
  2. Pick up a comfortable speed. If you have mastered the wheelie then this will be a breeze. Once your front tire is up lean back until your arms are fully extended. Keep your knees bent and your feet firmly on the peddles. Try not to pop the front wheel to far off the ground and you are set.



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