How Many Calories Are Burned Jogging?

Many joggers wonder how many calories are burned during jogging. Many factors are taken into consideration when calculating the actual number of calories burned including weight, length of time and the jogging pace the person is jogging at.

People often jog to lose weight which is done by burning calories. Several factors are taken into account when calculating the calories burned. First of all it depends on the weight of an individual and the length of time jogging. People jog at different paces, so it is impossible to calculate the exact precise amount of calories burned.

For example, a person who weighs 150 pounds can jog for 30 minutes and will burn approximately 238 calories during the jog. The same person can jog for 60 minutes and burn approximately 477 calories. A person weighing 120 pounds can jog for 30 minutes and burn approximately 190 calories, but if they run for 60 minutes, they will burn about 382 calories. A person who weighs 200 pounds can burn about 318 calories from 30 minutes of jogging, while 60 minutes of jogging will burn around 636 calories for the same person.

Jogging definitely causes calories to burn, and the heavier a person weighs, the more calories that person will burn. The lighter the person, the fewer calories that are burned. By increasing the pace of a jog, a runner can burn additional calories. The faster the pace, the more calories that will be burned. The heavier the person's body weight is, the more calories the person will burn.



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